The Circle of Life

Tonight, I am fascinated by the great circle of life.

In fact, I feel a need to bow in silence as I listen to Elton John sing about it in the background.

After listening to my daughter and her friend talk about all the different trials and and questions they are faced with as high school students today, I have realized that time has a quirky way of repeating itself. I've listened to all of their questions and concerns about the problems that the average teenager is faced with today and I've come to the conclusion that they are the same problems and concerns that I faced as a teenager myself...more or less.

Not only that, but have you seen some of the styles that are coming back? I mean...really?!?
Skinny jeans?...Off the shoulder shirts?...Neon colors?...I found these pictures in my daughter's picture folder. Can you honestly say that they wouldn't fit right into a John Hughes movie?

Except today they're made out of duct tape. point is...we are all connected. As a teenager I never understood this...more importantly I didn't want to.

All of the trials you're faced with at a young age, you can guarantee that you're Mom or your Aunt has been through them as well. And though you may think of us "old people" as incompetent and senile, there will come a day when you will look to us for wisdom.

What's worse...there will come a day when you're sitting on the couch, listening to your fifteen year old daughter and her friend talk about all the drama in their lives and you'll want to desperately chime in with a "when-I-was-your-age" story but when you do they'll just look at you as if you have just sprouted wings and then suddenly decide they're tired and need to go to bed...not that that just happened to me or anything. I'm just saying that it COULD happen.

♥ Jurney Eve

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