Divorce Debacle

For the last 10 years, I have dedicated my life to others. I have been a voice to those who couldn't speak. A beacon to those who felt lost. An inspiration to those who thought they were broken. I have been a poster child of triumph over adversity, but I am not perfect. I am a work in progress and constantly growing. I've always believed, and still do, that in order to inspire others you must not be afraid to show your vulnerable side because it is through that that others can connect to you and know they are not alone. We all go through hardships in life. But it's how we handle those hardships that show us who we are.

"Without our trials, we will never grow. We will never change."

I have gone through a lot in my life so far and I have learned so much because of it. Life is full of lessons. We can choose to learn from them or we can choose to let them defeat us. At times, I admit, I felt like I let them defeat me, but it's ok to feel lost at times, as long as we remember this is a temporary situation and things will get better.

My life changed dramatically last year when my husband and I ended our 24 year marriage. It was a difficult decision for many reasons. My ex-husband played a significant role in my life, not only because he was my husband and the father of my children, but because he was my rock. He taught me a lot about myself. He taught me how to be strong and to never give up. He taught me to always pursue my dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem. And it was through him and his family that I reconnected with my faith. Divorce isn't something often spoken about within the church. It's often a subject of shame and embarrassment, and maybe that's why it's taken me this long to write about it here, but like every setback in my life, I will persevere.

As far as divorces go, I'd say ours's has been successful. We are still good friends. We co-parent amazingly well together, and we still care about each other a great deal. Because my life isn't over, I know I still have a lot to learn, but I will continue to lean on my faith and know that God is in control.

"Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be."

♥ Diana

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