I Dare You To Have A Good Day

Today is going to be a good day.

I can just feel it.

I got the kids off to school with only a few minor altercations between my two youngest. I didn't get stuck in the mile long traffic jam on the way to drop my oldest child off at the high school. I've had my required two cups of coffee, I'm already showered and it's not even 10am. I'd say this is one for the record books.

Since I'm in such a wonderful mood this morning I wanted to do something for you in the hopes of putting you in one as well. I'm going to share a music video with you. But this isn't just any music video. This is a ♫magical ♪music video. It makes anyone who listens to it instantly happy. When I listen to this song I can't help myself. I find myself singing and be bopping along...and that's when I'm in public. You should see what it does to me in the privacy of my own home.

Although, those of you who know me personally know that there's not much difference between how I act at home and how I act in public. It's true. Just ask my kids.

So here's the ♪magical ♫video. I challenge you not to dance or be bop along or nod your head or tap your foot or snap your fingers or smile...

This is Headphones by Britt Nicole. I dare you to have a good day!

♥ Jurney Eve

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