Ignorance Is Bliss

I have another "it's a small world after all" stories for you.

Anna is one of my best friends. We've been friends for almost four years now and while I have always knew that her biological father was in prison for murder, it wasn't something that came up in conversation often. The few times we did talk about it, she told me that all she knew was that her father was in prison in a different state for murder and rape. I got the impression that the subject made her uncomfortable...and understandably so...therefore, I didn't press the issue. I knew that she wanted to know more but every time she asked a family member they wouldn't give her anymore details than that.

Now, I don't know if Anna was inspired by my recent contact with * DO remember *Tara, right? *Mr. Smith's daughter? If you don't, stop reading right now...I'm serious...and go read my blog entry titled "All In God's Time"...So, as I was saying...I don't know if Anna was inspired by my recent contact with *Tara, but she had decided to do a little research on her father and has uncovered a little more truth than she was prepared for.

It wasn't much more information than she already had but she did learn of a description of her father's victim that she did not have prior to her research excursion. Having a description of his victim, after all these years, has "humanized" her to Anna. She has told me that for the last 20+ years, she has tried not to think about what her father did. He was convicted when she was only six months old. She has never had a relationship with him of any kind and maybe that helped her keep his past discretions out of her mind, but now...all she can think about is her father's victim and the victim's family. She constantly wonders how they're doing. How have they been dealing with their loss? She feels utterly disgusted that his DNA actually runs through her veins. She wonders if his DNA affects her?

I'm really worried about Anna and I don't know how to help her. Normally, I am a pretty good advice least I think so...but I have a hard time relating to Anna's pain. I have always been on the victim's side. Until recently, I haven't given her side of the story TOO much thought.

Maybe I should introduce her to my new friend *Tara?

♥Jurney Eve


  1. Wow! For some reason the Lord is letting you see the pain this man caused to everyone around him. To you, your family, and his family. You are seeing the pain in his wife and daughter. Now you are also seeing the pain of Anna with her father. I don't know what lessons there are to learn or maybe some of your pain to heal, but the Lord doesn't put people in our lives for no reason. He love you. I will pray for all of you.

  2. Before I read your last line, everything in my was screaming, "Get her in touch with *Tara*!!!" This is NOT coincidence....this is 'all in God's timing'...these things are taking place for a reason.
    Maybe contact with someone that has an understanding of the pain and curiosities and worries (not to mention, someone in a relationship with God), can help put her heart and mind at peace.