What Makes a Person a Monster?

I wonder what makes a person a monster?

I like to analyze people and try to figure out why they do the things they do. Sometimes it's easy to figure out but other times, even they don't understand why they do certain things. 

Like the boy who's afraid of commitment. He may realize he's afraid of commitment but does he know why? 

Or the promiscuous girl. Does she know why she's promiscuous?

I often wonder...does a monster know why he is a monster or is he oblivious too?

♥ Jurney Eve


  1. So glad to see your site! <3 you!

  2. I, too, LOVE to analyze people! It can be quite the sport.
    I think with any of those examples, some may know why they are who they are...and some may not.
    Even if they go back to their childhood issues, events that may have happened, names they were called, bullying they dealt with, a parent that wasn't there enough..or at all.....I think that it may form who they CHOOSE to be. We have choices, NO matter WHAT has happened in our past...look at you, my dear.
    I believe other times, there is something wrong upstairs. They are mentally imbalanced, often without fix.
    Or maybe the devil has a hold on them. Filled with an anger and hatred they can't control. They lack any form of empathy or sympathy....they're either oblivious to the fact that they're a monster, or they simply don't care that they are.

  3. I think hate and a complete lack of connection to people make a monster. Love and empathy make you!