An Unsettling Silence

I once wrote that I sometimes think about finding *Mr. Smith's ex-wife so I can give her a great, big hug and tell her how grateful I am for what she did all those years ago. Without her help the police might have never caught him. Who knows how many more lives he would have shattered if she hadn't been brave enough to step forward? But I can not imagine how difficult that must have been for her.

Over the years, I've wondered about her. I've wondered how she was doing? Was she as broken as I was? Did she hide behind a smile too? How did she learn to trust again? I have always thought of her as another one of *Mr. Smith's victims...and I still do. I've always thought I would have so much to say to her if I ever found her, but six days ago, I received a letter from *Mr. Smith's ex-wife and I have yet to respond to her.

The fact that she had the courage to send it to me makes it that much more amazing. She's probably worried that she upset me since I haven't written back yet and I feel bad about that but I just can't find the right words.

Her words were kind, sincere, beautiful and I loved them. Knowing that she has thought of me as often as I have thought about her was comforting. What's even more comforting to me is knowing that she loves God and has learned to rely on Him the way I have.

We were hurt by the same man but we were healed by the same God.

So why haven't I responded to her?

I don't know!

Usually when I'm ready to write, my words come easily to me but I am drawing a blank. I find my silence most unsettling.

Jurney Eve

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  1. It seems as though you have put the right words down right here for her...just an observation :)