An Unexpected Peace

*Renee, (aka *Mr. Smith's ex-wife)

I am so sorry it took me this long to write you back. I hope you haven't been worried that your letter upset me. If you were, let me assure you that it did not. I am so grateful that you reached out to me. I didn't immediately respond because your letter touched me in ways I wasn't prepared for.

I know I wrote in my book that I often think about finding you so I can tell you just how grateful I am, and that's true. Over the years, I have thought about you and your family often. I wondered how you were doing and how this has changed you. I wondered what kind of woman you are today vs. the woman you were then. I always thought I would have so much to say to you and ask you.

After I read your letter I started to respond right away, but several times, I would write a few sentences, then delete them because they didn't seem to portray what I really felt. Then I'd write something entirely different, then I'd delete that one. I just couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted to say to you. But it has been over a week and I don't want to keep you hanging on worrying about how your letter has affected me.

I think your letter is amazing! I re-read it everyday and everyday I still get emotional...but it's a good kind of emotional. I love that we have both found peace and shelter through God. My faith in God is the only thing that has helped me all these years. By writing my book, I hope to serve God by sharing my story and helping others with it.

You said that you wish you could have recognized his demons and prevented him from hurting me. I hope that doesn't mean that you harbor any guilt for what he did to me. Even if you did recognize anything in him, he is the only person responsible for his actions. I have NEVER blamed you for a second and I hope you've never blamed yourself.

Thank you again for having the courage to send me your letter. It has brought a little more peace into my life.

♥ Jurney Eve