Keep-Sake Box

I was doing a little spring cleaning the other day and I came 

across my "keep-sake box". I have had this box since I was 13 

years old. It gets bigger and bigger as the years pass.

It started out as a shoebox and now it is a big, plastic bin.

I keep everything that I hold sacred in this box, such 

high school diploma, certificates earned, old pictures,old love 

letters, my children's portraits and accomplishments, and old 


I am so glad I have this box. There is nothing funnier than going 

through old love letters and diaries from when you were a 


Although, I must say, re-reading my diaries has only 

strengthened my belief that every parent should secretly read 

their child's diary. Well, maybe not every parent but definitely 

those whose children exhibit suspicious behavior.

Which I am sure I did, although I don't think my mother ever 

read my diary or I am sure there would have been some sort of 

intervention. Ha ha ha!

I found some poems I wrote and I decided to share them with 

you. Some poetry I cannot bear to share because it is so 

embarrassingly ♫ H I L A R I O U S ♫

They're so ridiculous that I had a hard time reading them 

myself. I remember letting my friends read them and I 

remember thinking that they were good.

I would rip them up and throw them away but where's the fun 

in that?!?

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