Heere Coomees The Pooeettrryy!!

Ok, heeeeerrreeee comes the poooeettrryy!!!

I've decided to start with a poem I wrote when I was 14. I think it tells a lot about me, in its own twisted

way. Try not to laugh too hard...or do because I sure thought I was funny.

Once a Muffy Always a Muffy

Sitting surrounded by fads

A tradition passed down by Dads

Is that you? How

Hey, you look just like her.

And her, and her. Hey what the Hell?

I'll give you $50 bucks if you sell

That shirt, those shoes. Hey put on this.

Can't you hear me? I don't like being dissed.

Oh, I get it. I'm not your friend.

Just 'cuz I don't follow trends.

Well, that's alright. That's ok.

Hell, I don't need you anyway.

But you need me. Where's your style?

I'd like to contemplate awhile.

And you should too. Plan your future

Or do you want to be a miniature

Alysso Milano all your life?

Here you go. Take this knife

And rip and tear. Hey, tear right there.

Now lets do something with that hair.

But in a way you still look muffy.

What's your name? It's probably Buffy.

Whatever! Let's go. I'll buy you style.

No, not at Bloomingdale's. Why I'll...

Nevermind, let's catch a beat.

What? Your favorite beat is *FYC?

Alright! That's it! It's over Buffy.

I've learned...once a muffy always a muffy.


*Fine Young Canniballs

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