Shopping With My Daughter


How is everyone feeling on this fine New England day?

I'm just sitting here, getting caffeinated and trying to get excited about taking my 14 year old daughter
shopping for, what she says is a must-have Easter dress.

Normally, you would think that shopping with your 14 year old daughter for clothes would be fun. A
chance for sharing and bonding. Well, you must not have a 14 year old daughter if you think that!

14 year old girls are at that stage in their lives when they still ask their mothers to go shopping with them,
but don't be fooled. They may invite you but it's only because they need you to drive them places and give
them money.

Once you arrive at the destination, you are expected to follow silently and try not to embarrass them in
front of the occassional classmate they may encounter.

If you are foolish enough to offer your opinion on an article of clothing, they immediatley hear the exact
opposite of what you just said. For example,

Mom,"Oh, that dress is pretty! You would look really nice in that one."

Daughter, "Eew! Yeah right." (extensive eye rolling)

Mom, "But it looks just like that last one you tried on."

Daughter, "It does not! (hmph) The other dress was pink!" (more eye rolling)

Sometimes I like to mess with her and test this theory of reverse pshycology. If I see her checking out a
dress I might say, "I love that one! Do they have it in my size?" She will immediately "drop it like it's hot!"

I know that's not nice but, sometimes I just can't help myself.

Usually, I reserve this practice for when the dress is too costly or worse...too provacotive.

I wonder if my mother tested this theory

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