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Through her message, she will share her story of kidnapping, rape, attempted murder, courage, perseverance, forgiveness and how God has taken her from a broken victim to a compassionate woman who wants to help others. She has been the featured speaker for churches, law enforcement agencies, victims advocate groups, universities and other businesses and organizations who work to bring public awareness of sexual assault and the effects it has on its victims.

Her hope is to reach out to people who have been hurt by sexual assault or by any tragedy they are having a hard time dealing with and let them know that they are not alone. Diana can speak on a wide array of life challenges, such as drug and alcohol abuse, teenage promiscuity, peer pressure, and making poor life choices.  

"The moment I realized there were other people who felt just as broken and abnormal as I did was the moment I stopped looking at myself as unfixable. My message will encourage you to take that first step toward healing, no matter what tragic circumstance you've been through. There is power in your voice.

♥Diana Oakley

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