Treadmill for Sale

So I have this treadmill, which is something I never thought I would own, let alone spend almost $1000 on it, because I am a self-proclaimed lazy person. 
I loath exercise. 
See, I have been blessed with a high metabolism which didn't require exercise when I was younger to maintain my girlish figure. 

(Take note of "when I was younger" please) 

Now, I am a 36 year old mother of 3. My metabolism isn't quite what it used to be and, I unfortunately spend WAY too much time in front of this computer. 
I blame technology. 
So anyway, I bought this treadmill thinking if I plant that puppy right in front of my tv I might just become one of those people who exercise. 
I might even start to like it. 
I wasn't especially trying to lose weight. I was mostly trying to get healthy.
Weeeeellllll....that's not entirely true. 
I am 5'4" and, at the time of the treadmill purchase, I weighed 126lbs. I was considered a healthy weight. What I truly wanted out of my new treadmill was the confidence to sunbathe at the pool that upcoming summer. 
Now before you go all "boo-hoo. She weighed 126lbs. What was she a size 6?" Let me just paint a picture for you.

I live in a HUGE apartment complex FULL of 20-something, perfectly sculpted, scantily clad, freakishly tanned, college kids who spend their entire summer hanging out at the pool. 

I swear. I don't think any of them had jobs. 

While I am a 36 year old, mother of 3 with the stretch marks to prove it and absolutely no muscle tone, who is forced to spend her entire summer at the pool as well because of her kids.

I was simply hoping for a little muscle tone to boost my self-esteem but something strange happened about 3 weeks after purchasing the treadmill.
I received a license to chill.
Not an actual license but it was like, having that treadmill gave me permission to eat whatever I wanted. 
"Should I eat those donuts? 
Yeah! I'll just get on my treadmill later."
"Yeah, give me a BIG piece of cake. 
I'll just get on the treadmill later."

But "later" never came.

Now my treadmill is my coat/purse/kids' backpacks/junk food... hanger.
Every once in awhile, I'll dust her off with the intention off getting on her but then I'll look at the mound of crap I have on her and decide it's not worth it.

Sad! I know.

So, flash forward a year and a is the summer of 2010 and I weigh 146lbs. I've gained a whopping 20 lbs in 1.5 years...AND THERE'S A STINKIN' TREADMILL IN MY LIVING ROOM!!!!!

Oh, treadmill. What have you done to me?

BUT...There is a a happy ending to this story...I have discovered a new way to lose weight. 

It's called "Getting a Day Job"

My youngest started school this year, which freed up my days to get a job. I have been working days for about a month now.  I have also been eating a lot healthier this summer and I'm sure that has contributed as well, but the day job has been a TREMENDOUS help because it forces me away from my beloved computer. It stops me from eating all day while sitting motionless at my beloved computer and it just takes my mind off of food in general.

Well...I just weighed myself this morning and...drum roll please...I now weigh 127lbs!!!!!

YAY ME!!!!!

Does anyone want to buy a treadmill?  

Jurney Eve

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  1. Great job! I need to do something but I am too lazy to get started. Hahaha