My Poor Baby Girl

Today I received a phone call from the school nurse...which is always cause for near heart failure.
It was from the high school's nurse, telling me that my daughter's stomach was hurting her and if I wanted to come get her I could.
So I did.
She had been complaining about her stomach last night too. She even went to bed at 6pm. I told her she could have stayed home from school today but she said she felt fine.
So she went to school.
After I picked her up, she confessed to me why her stomach has been bothering her.
She broke up with her boyfriend yesterday.
I asked her what happened and she said that she had decided they were too young to be in a relationship for that long and that they never got to see each other.
When I heard this I had mixed emotions.
My first emotion was immediate concern for my daughter's broken heart. I knew she loved him...or so her 14-year-old self thought she I knew she must be hurting.
My second emotion...was relief.
I know that sounds horrible but she's too young to be this serious over a boy! I mean, their Facebook status' had them listed as "married" to each other.
My BFF always thought I was overreacting. She kept reassuring me that my daughter was NOT going to end up a pregnant, married teenager living in a trailer.
(My apologies to anyone who lives, or who used to live in a trailer. I grew up in a trailer myself. The comment was just for comedic reasons.)
So, now my baby girl is hurting and I just want to hold her and hang out with her and make sure she's ok but all she wants to do is listen to music and text her friends.
I even tried to take her out for some retail therapy. She just wanted to go home.
My poor baby girl!

Jurney Eve

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