Remember when MySpace was cool and Facebook was lame?

Now it's embarrassing to even admit that you still have a MySpace page. Well, I'm going to step out on the ledge here and say...


I rarely use it and I have considered deleting it a few times but for some reason I've never gotten around to doing it. The only reason I even know it still exists is because I keep getting random "friend requests" from people whom I'm sure aren't really sitting in front of their computers anxiously waiting for me to accept their requests. Like, Matthew McConaughey has nothing better to do with his time than fawn over me on MySpace. 

Well tonight I have received my last message through MySpace. Tonight's the night I will finally delete my account, but first I would like to share my last message with you. I received it this evening and it comes from a man named Chris.

"Hey! I like your profile and would like to ask you something. 
I work a lot, and travel a lot, and have little time for dating in the usual sense. Would you consider having a physical relationship with a hard working, college educated guy? This isn't something cheap and dirty. I do want conversation, cuddling, tenderness, all the good parts of a physical relationship. It would be fulfilling to both of us, we would just fast forward the beginning of the relationship. It would start and end when you decide.
I don't expect you to decide now, just to be open to the idea. I would suggest a quick meeting, to see if there is chemistry, and then we can decide from there. But the first step is for you to be open to the idea, and to write back to me. So send me a message....

 Is this guy for real? Are there actual women that would read this and consider meeting him? I hope not. Who sends these kinds of messages? I bet The Craigslist Killer sent messages like this and apparently they worked for him. 

You'll be happy to know that I do not plan on responding. Ha ha ha!



  1. Wow! This was pretty blod of him. No, I think you seem nice and would like to get to know you. Hahaha. You must me one foxy lady.

  2. I had to comment to this, even though I don't really know who you are. I received THE EXACT SAME message on an old okcupid account that I had from like 2004, that I forgot all about until they emailed me. It actually links to an account: Did yours attach to an account. Well I suppose this is some sort of spam, but I have to say, it has peaked my interest. I received mine at 5:02 on June 15th. Well... I am glad I searched and am now a little creeped out, but more than anything- relieved.

  3. Hey D, Its kate from Carrabbas in CT. I just thought I'd hop on here and follow you. I like your writing style, its very honest, quirky and fun to read! :) I hope your move went well and that you are settled in just fine. You can keep up with me on my blog too if you like.