Conversations With Kd

Kd - I wish I could touch a rainbow.

Me - That would be really cool but honey, nobody can touch a rainbow.

Kd - Uh-huh! God can.

Me - Well, yes! I suppose God can touch a rainbow.

(Me with big smile on my face, feeling pretty good about myself for teaching her about God. It's obviously sinking in.)

Kd - If I were in Heaven I could touch a rainbow too but that'll never happen.

Me - What do you mean? You don't think you'll ever go to Heaven?

Kd - No, only God and Jesus can go to Heaven.

Me - That's not true. SOME day you'll go to Heaven and be able to touch a rainbow.

Kd - REALLY?!? When?

Me - Well....(long pause as I panic and struggle to find the right words)....A LOOOOOONG time from now...when you're REEEEEALLY will eventually...die and get to go to Heaven and be with God and Jesus and touch as many rainbows as you want to.

(Unsettling silence from the back seat for a few moments, then...)

Kd - Grandma and Grandpa haven't died yet.

(She says this last line like she's in awe of this fact but I'm not sure what's going on in her head. Maybe she's sad because she knows they're old so this means they might go to Heaven soon. Then again, maybe she's happy for them because they'll get to touch rainbows soon. Who knows. A few seconds later she returned to singing Elmo's World so she must be OK. I was so worried that I'd traumatized her. Lol!)

Oh, what can of worms did this conversation open?!?

♥ Jurney Eve

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