Pedophile's Guide To Love And Pleasure?!? CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!?

I am completely outraged!

I just found out not too long ago about a man named  Phillip R Greaves who wrote a book about how to be a better pedophile. He self-published it under the title The Pedophile's Guide To Love and Pleasure.

Can you believe this?!?

It was only available for sale through Amazon's Kindle for a few days before people...other than pedophiles...started to take notice, but the damage had already been done. It sold over 300 copies in its first day!

300 copies!

That's more than my book has sold overall and he sold that in one day!

(pathetic, I know)

That goes to show just how many sick, disgusting people  / animals / sacks-of-garbage there are out there.
I think that each and every one of those sacks-of-garbage should be hunted down and investigated because you have got to be a pedophile yourself if you bought this book.

How about all of those people with pedophile tendencies that might not have acted on them but were encouraged by this man's words?!?

I'm literally having a hard time getting this out of my mind.


Jurney Eve


  1. Someone should contact the media. It would be really bad press for Amazon. At the Christmas season it could really hurt them. They need to be accountable for putting this book into the hands of sacks-of-garbage!

  2. Oh the media had a field day with this one. Google "Pedophile Amazon" and you can read all about it. Amazon didn't pull the book until the media started bashing them.