Justice At Its Best

I'm sorry I haven't blogged anything in awhile. Let me update you.

In my last entry, on May 24th, I told you about Mr. Smith's trial. That trial never happened. Apparently, there was a conflict in the scheduling and not all of the witnesses were available to testify. So, they rescheduled his trial for August 3rd. 

That trial was declared a mistrial so now they have to reschedule it again. I don't know what the new date is yet but I'll keep you updated. I promise.

So, does anyone want to know why the second trial was declared a mistrial? This is a good one. 

Ok, this trial is taking place to determine whether or not Mr. Smith is at risk of committing another sex crime when he is released next April. Most people seem to think he is incredibly likely to do just that. A good example of this is, one instance a few years back, he threatened to attack and rape a female prison guard but for some reason that has yet to be explained to me, the judge isn't allowing this evidence to be presented to the jury. While one of the psychiatrists was on the stand, he mentioned this and , therefore, the trial was declared a mistrial.

Justice at it's best people.

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  1. It must be so frustrating to know that the jury won't know all of the information about him. Do you know why the judge isn't allowing it? When I read through your blog I wanted to run over and give you a big hug. You are a very strong woman.