I just heard some disturbing but rather promising news.

It's about *Mr. Smith.

 As some of you know, and if you don't then shame on you for not reading my other blog, (you know,

the one that's no longer available on line cuz now it's a published book that you have to pay for? Ya

snooze ya lose!) Mr. Smith is the man who abducted and raped me back in 1991.

It happened in the miserable beautiful state of New York. Apparently NY has this new law called

The Civil Confinement Law which enables the state to hold sex offenders longer than their sentence

 if they are deemed to have a mental health defect.

There are only a handful of sex offenders that the state considers dangerous enough to attempt to

have committed and Mr. Smith happens to be one of the lucky few.

As a matter of fact, he happens to be the first.

Therefore, this trial is going to be a big deal in my small corner of NY. A very big deal. They are not

sure when his trial will start. All they know is that it will happen before April 28, 2011.

 If he is determined to have a mental disorder then he could be sent to a mental hospital for criminals

or, at the very least, he could be ordered to where one of those GPS anklets so his where-abouts will

be monitored. 

They don't know if the papers will release my name. They don't know if I will have to testify. They

don't know much of anything because they've never seen a trial like this before. But they do know it

will definitely make the papers and the news. It will probably reach the national news media as well.

So you can see why this is disturbing and rather promising news for me.

Hey, maybe I'll start book #2.

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