April 28, 2010

Whose wondering how I am doing today?

Well...I can honestly say that I am doing well. So well, in fact, that my husband said, "This is the best I've seen you on this day since we've been together," and we've been together for almost 15 years.

Of course, it has been on my mind all day but in a much different way than it has been in the past. Usually I mope around on April 28th feeling very sorry for myself, but today I do certainly not feel sorry for myself. In fact, I feel proud of what I have accomplished. I took great pain and turned it into something positive.

I didn't cry, mope, lie in bed with the covers over my head, eat excessively, or any of the usual indignities.

Although, I did feel a need to remind my husband that sex would definitely be off the agenda for the evening and he wasn't allowed to even think about it. I just couldn't imagine doing "that" on this day.

I'm not going to let that get me down though. I still view today as a victory. This is the first time since 1990 that April 28th hasn't been a day of mourning for me.

Here's to tomorrow!


  1. Wow, that is so great to hear. It is always exciting when you realize that you are not in that place where you stop functioning on that day. I am so happy for you.

  2. How fantastic for YOU to be in control of a day, someone else has been in control of, for FAR too long!!! ♥