Peep Show

Well, today has been an interesting day...and it's only 10:43am. 
My car broke down on my way home from dropping the kids off at school and I had to push it all by myself through an intersection and into a parking spot. 
Then, I had to walk home.
Let this be a lesson...never wear your pajamas out of the house. Even if you're just going around the corner for a minute.
Hopefully none of my neighbors saw me.


School Days

I'm so not good at keeping you updated. I'm sorry about that. 
I have still not heard anything new about Mr. Smith's trial. I am under the impression that I will be contacted if something new develops. I hope. 
School is going well. My kindergartner has already missed a day because of a cold but she's medicated now and ready for more school. Ha ha ha! She LOVES school! She can't get enough of it. I wonder how long this feeling will last.
My fourth grader felt that same way when he was in kindergarten but now...not so much. He HATES school! He was just telling me this morning on the walk to the bus stop just how much he dislikes school, the bus, his classes. His sister asked him what his favorite part of the school day is and his answer was "dismissal".
Poor kid! 
My high school-er, on the other hand, LOVES school! She did say she thinks the upper classmen are a bit scary far so good. She's taking an 11th grade math class! She's the only freshman.
Woah! She's so amazing! 
I am having mixed emotions about my new found "freedom". All of the kids are in school now. There are no cartoons on tv. As a matter of fact, I don't even turn the tv on anymore. It's so quiet here. I keep finding little jobs to do to keep me busy.
On the first day of school, I purchased a loft bed for my son and spent the day putting it myself!
The second day, I went through the house and took a bunch of stuff to the goodwill.
The third day, I just cleaned, cleaned, cleaned...only to work all weekend and start the next week off guessed it, a dirty house.
So this week, I kind of relaxed a bit. Who cares if I have a clean house? Ok, I do. But it's not that dirty.
I need to get myself on a schedule or something because I find myself sitting at the computer, drinking my coffee most mornings until 11 am or sometimes even later. 
I need some motivation.
Maybe I'll turn on cartoons.

Jurney Eve