Tiny Angel Aiden

I need to share something with you. This is something so profound that I am somewhat at a loss for words.

It is a blog that was started just yesterday by a good friend of mine who lost her precious baby boy in August of 2009. This is her first time opening up and talking about, not only that day but about how it has affected her and her other two children. 

This is a must read for everyone...but make sure you scroll to the bottom of her blog so you can start at the beginning of her story.

Follow Kara's blog as she allows us to see through her eyes what she went through and continues to go through almost three years after Aiden's death. 

It's called Tiny Angel Aiden.

♥Jurney Eve


Tiny Angel: That dreadful morning

Tiny Angel: That dreadful morning: I awoke that morning to my phone ringing, it was a nurse from United Health Services where my husband had been a patient for a few days. The...

He Wants It All Today

I know I've been pretty quiet lately...sorry about that. I've had a lot of things going on though.

I signed with a new publisher and my 2nd edition is scheduled to be available by early February. There will be a couple of big changes to this edition. One of them being a few new chapters from my kidnapper's ex-wife. And another one being the author name. It will not be Jurney Eve! 8-O    

The Victim Service Center is going to be hosting a bike-a-thon based around my story and guess when it's going to be? On April 28, 2012! It's going to be in Orlando, Florida so if you are in the area it would mean so much to me if you would come out that day and support me. You can ride along side me...if you plan on riding can walk a shorter route or you can just come out. I'll have more information about that for you soon.

If you've been following my blog for a while you probably know that I usually only write when I feel "moved" to. Whether it's an update on my case, something funny that has happened to me or something that I feel is significant enough to share with you because I think you'll benefit from it...and that is what happened to me today.

This morning I attended Sunday service at New Waters Church in Clermont, Florida and I can honestly say that I have never experienced a church service like this one before. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Every song felt like it was directed solely at me. But what made it so unique was the preacher. I've been to many different churches and I've heard many different preachers but there is something different about Pastor Michael Hopewell. He has an honest transparency about him that I have never seen before. When he preaches he shares his life with you and he doesn't hold back. Today's message was about how everything starts in God's hands and we have to give our problems to Him in order for Him to help us. 

I'm sure they haven't seen the last of me at New Waters Church and if you live anywhere near Clermont, Florida or if you're ever visiting the area on a Sunday morning, I highly recommend you stop by. Service starts at 10am. 

You will not be disappointed! 

♥ Diana
(aka Jurney Eve)