Their Crazy Mother

Today, as I stood with my nose pressed firmly against the window, heart pounding in my chest from anxiety, watching my 9 year old walk the 50 or so yards to the bus stop all by himself, I was forced once again to remember my fear of people and their dark sides. I hated letting him go to the bus stop all by himself but he's been begging me since the beginning of the year. I try not to let my crazy phobias interfere too much in my children's lives, but they do...I can't help it. 

They're my children. 

My most prized possessions.

I went out and got my son a cell phone so we can communicate with each other while he's at the bus stop. 

Crazy...I know.

The deal is he can walk to bus stop by himself as long as he texts me when he gets there. Then he has to text me once he gets on the bus as well. God forbid he should forget to text me. It could get ugly. Yesterday he forgot to text me so I continuously called his phone until he picked up. I must have called 6 times before he remembered his crazy mother and the whole time visions of strangers taking my baby boy danced through my head. I tell you I almost marched down to the bus stop in my robe and slippers. I probably would have if he hadn't finally picked up. 

Worse case scenarios and what I would do tactics.

I almost called the bus garage. 

If I didn't hear from him I could call the school and have them verify that he was there.

Tell this normal behavior for every mother or is it because of my past?  

♥ Diana